Brandon Kastning Harvard CAP MetaData (US) .SQL [1.2GB] : http://uscaselaw.org/21st-century-american-exodus-lat-expod/united-states-of-america-constitutional-republic/primary-source/american-constitutional-supreme-law/metadata-sql-datasets/jurisdiction-us-scotus-harvard-cap Uncategorized (23.02.22, 18:43)(00:00)
Brandon Kastning Gold.sql | [U.S. Federal Constitution of September 17, 1787] : http://uscaselaw.org/sql-keys/gold-sql Uncategorized (24.01.22, 19:00)(00:00)
Brandon Kastning Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay Warm, Stay Safe and Stay Constitutional! :) Uncategorized (08.12.21, 20:46)(00:00)
Brandon Kastning Stay Strong, Constitutional and Safe! God bless Fellow American Patriots! Uncategorized (31.03.21, 16:38)(16:38)
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